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Cornwall Aviation’s fleet comprises of Piper and Cessna aircraft, all maintained by our own maintenance engineers.

The Cessna 150, two seat aircraft, are primarily used for the Private Pilot Licence, rental and time building.  We have three C-150's, including one with long range tanks.

Our four Cessna 172's are available for training.  Two have long range tanks and three are certified IFR with a Garmin 430WAAS GPS.  Students who prefer to do a Single IFR rating, can do their flight training on these aircraft.

The five Piper Seminole twin engine aircraft are used only for multi engine and IFR training so you won’t have to worry about getting bumped for a charter! Five twins also help ensure dispatch reliability. With counter rotating props, the Seminole is designed as a trainer, and is featured at many of the best flight schools in North America. These IFR training aircraft have Garmin 430 WAAS, giving lots of options for IFR training.

The Redbird FMX full motion flight training device is the latest addition to the fleet. With a 200 degree wraparound screen, the graphics and motion are fabulous. We now have two Redbirds on line, to better serve you, in both single and multi engine mode.